Patron/ka is the first project we have started supporting financially. We are contributing on a monthly basis, beginning in 2023.

About project

Project Patron/ka helps young people from children homes to integrate into society and prepare for independent life. Teenage boys and girls are usually alone after leaving the home so it’s important for them to have someone they can trust and turn to when needed. This project offers them a rare one-on-one relationship. That’s why every one of them should have a patron!

The project belongs to the League of Open Men, whose aim is to support men’s active approach to their personal development and health, responsible partnerships and parenthood, professional self-fulfilment and social engagement.

Why are we contributing?

Jirka Soljak himself found the project through the League of Open Men and it appealed to him so much that he began to contribute financially, first personally and later on  the behalf of the company.The Patron/ka project is very important. Everyone deserves to find support in other people, especially during our teenage years when we are entering a whole new and unknown world called “adulthood”. We trust that our regular donation helps to ensure the future and long-term functioning of the project.

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