About us

We are a recruitment agency that focuses on finding IT experts.

Our customers are companies working in the field of software development, IT security, but also, for example, in the field of manufacturing. Our customers are both small and large, and we always have a strong link to the managers. That is something we pride ourselves on, and which is our strength.

Our goal is to be your trusted partner, whether you are a company or a candidate. That’s why we need to believe in you first – to get to know you, to find out who you are or who you’re not, including your strengths and weaknesses.

As part of our collaboration, we pass on to you our know-how by regularly publishing articles full of tips and advice for managers, candidates and colleagues in our industry.

Our team

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Our values


Our strength lies in our team. We support one another and always give each other a helping hand. That is something we offer to you, too.


We won't be painting an unrealistic picture just to please you. We'll always be honest, even if you won't like hearing it.


We have years of experience not only in the world of recruitement, but our team is also lead by an IT expert. We understand the IT so you don't need to be afraid, we won't understand the technicalities.


We're a team of competent recruiters who stand behind their work. The results speak for themselves -- we've filled hundreds of positions.


We put quality over quantity. Always and with everything.

Our values are reflected in our work. You can find out what to expect from cooperation in our blog article How a recruitment agency works.


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