Lucka / Lucie Francová

Meet Lucka

  • She’s up for everything.
  • She’ll make your every wish come true so fast you won’t even have time to blink.
  • She talks out loud to herself.
  • Always has her nails done.
  • Her dream is to be an interior designer. So now she’s practising on her house. It’s undergoing a complete renovation, so she’s truly taking it from the ground up and with her own hands.
  • Lucka can turn a few dead branches into a beautiful decoration. Every season (spring, summer, autumn, winter) she shows us some of her home decorations, which makes us all turn a little green with envy.
  • Lucka is an extremely organizational and caring type, so none of us are surprised by her vision of an idyllic family, a house with a garden and a “white picket fence”.
  • But at the same time, travelling is on her wish list.
  • She used to ride a bike. She doesn’t anymore. But she’ll start again.
  • She likes to dig in the dirt. She’s currently redesigning her garden Japanese style.
  • Lucka can’t rest. She gets up in the morning, takes care of the family, and even if she has time to herself, she still doesn’t use it and goes to work on the house. Which is what? Wrong, Lucka!

How did she start her career as an office manager (and researcher)

She started as Office Manager and after 3 months her super great colleague Denča took her on as a recruiter and she became a researcher and then a consultant. She absolutely loved the job, so a big thank you to you, Denča, she loves you.

What she thinks is hard about being an office manager

When there are multiple things to be done at once, you have to figure out what is the priority of the day. But what she would say is hard for herself is, first and foremost, establishing trust with your boss and your team and establishing that they can rely on you at any time.

What makes Lucka happy in her current job

Her greatest joy at work is the team, without which it would just not work, and it is who she looks forward to every morning and looks after with joy and love.

What would Lucka like to learn

She would like to do a design course.

What even we didn’t know about Lucka

She truly adores fabrics that she loves to rummage through, which is something she can spend hours doing. That is why she would love to learn how to sew and then create a cosy environment at her home, whether it’s cushions, bedding or just tea towels.

What her colleagues say about her

Jana Kosková: “Mum of little Róza, our caregiver and a person who fulfils everything she sees in our eyes. Lucka is never thrown by any little thing, she handles everything easily and she always does so with a smile on her face. I appreciate her for being kind and willing to help everyone. Moreover, she has no problem making fun of herself and disarming people with an unexpected and honest reaction like no one else can.”

Jiří Soljak: “Lucka is a hard worker! A responsible partner with a heart on her sleeve who will hold you up and make sure you don’t have to worry about anything. She has earned her role as an IT recruiter from the ground up through her previous excellent support of the entire office and other operations. Lucka confirms that it doesn’t matter what you come in with or what you have been given. What matters is the desire and passion for who one wants to become. I am even more proud of Lucka that we have her back in the team after her parental “break”!”

Speed dating

favourite food

  • steak medium rare + fresh and grilled vegetables
  • shrimps
  • Italian and Vietnamese cuisine

favourite colour

  • I love natural colours: green, brown, grey, but also white and black

favourite person

  • Meryl Streep

favourite movie or TV show 

  • TV series:
    • Friends
    • Sons of Anarchy
    • Vikings
    • The Witcher
    • Game of Thrones
  • Movies:
    • The Devil Wears Prada
    • Just Go with It
    • Sex and the City

favourite book

  • 50 Shades of Grey / Darker / Freedom

favourite activity

  • Room design, walking, gardening, coffee with a friend and preferably at a coffee shop with a dessert 🙂

favourite country or city or part of a city (and why) 

  • New Zealand, Norway, Denmark – beautiful countries I would definitely like to visit one day
  • But I also love the warm weather and the sea, so the Maldives and the Canary Islands are great too

what Harry Potter character would you be

  • Hermione for sure, but I would be in love with Cedric 🙂

least favourite food

  • killer stew
  • lamb

what three things upset you the most

  • generally mean and envious people
  • when someone talks to me over and over again, endlessly
  • people who are constantly late

Take a look at Lucka’s LinkedIn profile here.

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