Denča / Denisa Čuprová

Meet Denča

  • She has two daughters and is truly the best mom to them.
  • She loves Harry Potter.
  • She’s one of about ten people in the entire world who can explain the difference between real and fake chocolate.
  • Yeah, and Denča really, really loves chocolate. She’s a master of eating a lot of chocolate in one sitting. So if you would like to get on her good side, you know how to do it.
  • And she’s not gaining any weight at all.
  • And she doesn’t even play sports.
  • She’s well-travelled and would fly to warm countries.
  • She likes to buy gifts, both for herself and for others.
  • Often, that’s how she makes the people around her happy.
  • Before visiting shops, she always asks if anyone wants anything. She’s always thinking of everyone.
  • Not only with personal gifts, but she also always prepares different activities and quick competitions which always make our working days more interesting.
  • Last but not least, she feeds us all with various goodies.
  • Denča is really fun. She can make fun not only of herself, but she can also joke with you on any topic. In short, a good laugh is always a guarantee when you are around her. Sometimes even tears (of laughter).
  • She is competitive, and playing games with her is always a great experience.
  • Especially game “Aktivity”. She loves that one.
  • You always feel that you can come to her with any problem – personal or professional. She listens to you with empathy, and then helps you find a solution. Even if it’s only a very small thing.
  • She is open and straightforward with people.
  • She’s always fair, which is why it’s a pleasure to have her as a supervisor.

How did she start her career as a recruiter   

She was working in a recruitment agency as an Office Manager, and one day asked if she could try the recruiter job, too. Well, that turned into almost a 20 years long career in recruiting.

What she thinks is hard about being a headhunter 

Denisa thinks the hardest part for newcomers must be understanding the context, anticipating and reading between the lines. Almost everyone can learn the field and the structure of an interview.

What makes Denča happy in her current job 

She is the happiest when she can pass on her knowledge and then see the success of others. To Denisa, the joy in her colleagues’ eyes when they report a placement or when they feel good about a challenging interview is priceless.

What would Denča like to learn      

She would like to learn to play the piano. She even has one at home. Her other goals are to learn to how to sew, speak English properly and control her face.

What even we didn’t about Denča

We all know all there is to know about her because she’s not shy about putting it all out there.

What her colleagues say about her 


Denča is a great mom to her two daughters and a unique boss who believes in her team and can stand up for them. She connects the team not only through work but also through fun. She is an adventurer who is always coming up with new and exciting activities that bring us together. Denča’s positive attitude and ability to not let things get out of balance give me great inspiration in the IT recruiting profession. She will advise in any crisis situation because she comes up with logical explanations and practical advice, making her indispensable on our team. When you go to her with a problem, she not only helps you find a solution but also gives you peace of mind and confidence. In general, I would say Denča keeps us on track.”

Jiří Soljak: “Denisa, the ‘leader doe’ – a strong personality and a leader who has nearly two decades of experience in recruitment. Creative, but also a finisher of not only her ideas. If she’s advising you, take her seriously – she knows what she’s doing and saying and why, like only a few others. One of the most capable people and IT headhunters I know.”

Speed dating

favourite food

  • definitely chocolate
  • red Thai curry
  • macaroons

favourite colour

  • today it’s green and all her shades
  • yesterday I really liked brown

favourite person

  • my mum
  • and also Bruce Willis

favourite movie or TV show

  • Harry Potter
  • Angélique, marquise des anges
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Shutter Island
  • Sex and the City

favourite book

  • The Alchemist

favourite activity

  • travelling
  • sitting in a café and chatting about life
  • thinking of gifts for others

favourite country or city or part of a city (and why)

  • Thailand has special place in my heart, though I can’t explain why
  • Prague, because it’s just beautiful, and I love Paris because it’s romantic, of course
  • Prague-Strašnice because I lived here when I was born, and somehow, the place smells specific to me

what Harry Potter character would you be

  • Severus Snape – everyone thinks he’s not actually nice, but he’s nice after all

least favourite food

  • mushroom fry
  • meat with wads plus everything that resembles wads – aspic, jelly in Student’s seal chocolate,…
  • tripe

what three things upset you the most 

  • smacking their mouth when eating / slurping
  • when someone asks about the same thing several times (more than twice)
  • mess

Take a look at Denča’s LinkedIn profile here.

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