Kathy / Kateřina Scheinpflugová

Meet Kathy

  • Kathy is very active, which scares some of us. She wakes up early so she can go for a run with her dog, she rides her bicycle to work, and goes swimming in the afternoon. And that’s her version of a “lazy” day.
  • She’s very dedicated to her work.
  • She has a dog, Lemy, who she rescued when he was a puppy.
  • She has great hair (as one candidate said).
  • She’s a vegetarian.
  • She doesn’t like crumbs on her desk.
  • She has a very calm nature. Not once have we experienced Kathy being anything close to violent.
  • She goes surfing in Portugal, skating in Spain and hiking in Switzerland.
  • Kathy is from Kladno. She lived in Prague, then in Brno, then in Prague and recently, she’d moved to her beloved Brno again. But she dreams of moving to a secluded place by the forest one day.
  • She likes to sew, embroider, read and play the guitar.
  • She likes old American country and folk music.
  • She doesn’t like a lot of people crowded in a small space.
  • For Christmas she gifts experiences or crafts gifts for her loved ones.

How did she start her career as a recruiter  

Coincidentally. She wanted a change from her industry, and her friend was just looking for new colleagues to join his agency. So she gave it a shot and ended up liking the recruitement industry.  

What she thinks is hard about being a headhunter 

Kathy thinks the hardest part is coming to terms with the uncertainty of the outcome after the work is done.

What makes Kathy happy in her current job 

She enjoys the great team, her progress in the field of recruitement and her new knowledge.

What would Kathy like to learn 

Currently, she would like to learn Italian, play the harmonica, freediving and glass blowing.

What even we didn’t about Kathy  

Kathy: “I don’t know either. It’s hard to say, Denča is a spy, she finds out a lot. :D”

What her colleagues say about her

Kateřina Denysjuková: “When I saw Kathy’s CV, I was worried that someone like me would join the company because we have quite similar backgrounds. Thank God it’s not the case. From my perspective, Kathy is such a calm and cheerful person. She’s always super fun in and out of the office, especially when it’s her time to preform in a game of pantomime. What I love about Kathy is that she always has a welcoming atmosphere around her, and her love of sport, nature and healthy living always makes me think about the world and motivates me to do something extra for the world or myself.”

Jana Kosková: “Our wild woman. A girl who is happiest with her dog Lemmy, in a cottage in the Křivoklát region without modern amenities, with a guitar, a book or a diary in her hand. On the one hand, she is inconspicuous, yet unnoticeable. She is friendly, believes in goodness, lives a healthy life, likes country music, and ideally enjoys her holidays in the mountains and under the open sky.”

Speed Dating 

favourite food

  • any that my friends or family prepare for me
  • best if it’s Asian or Italian

favourite colour

  • all colours are great (pink the least)

favourite person

  • My favourite person is my dog, and also my friends, they are my favourites, too,
  • I’m learning to be that for myself.
  • Oh, and Matthew Mcconaughey is pretty great.

favourite movie or TV show

  • movies by Jim Jarmusch (Night on Earth, Coffee and cigarettes, Down by Law)
  • movies by Forman (One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Loves of a Blond, Amadeus)
  • Le otto motagne

favourite book

  • Really? Only one? My entire library is my favourite.
  • Like eating a Stone by Wojciech Tochman
  • Life on Peace by Marek Rabij
  • Woods in a House by Alena Mornštajnová
  • poetry by Václav Hrabě

favourite activity

  • climbing up the mountain peaks
  • reading in a meadow

favourite country or city or part of a city (and why)

  • Italy because it has beautiful mountains without people, villages with vineyards (and wine) and Italian speaking people
  • my cottage in a secluded spot in the Křivoklát region

what Harry Potter character would you be

  • Luna Lovegood

least favourite food

  • everything with meat, otherwise I’m not picky

three things that upset you the most

  • seflishness
  • short days
  • being part of huge crowd of people in a city

Take a look at Kathy’s LinkedIn profile here.

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