How does a recruitment agency work?

Would you like to know what working with a recruitment agency looks like? Of course, each one works differently, but we’d be happy to tell you how we do it.

First meeting

As a first step, we will schedule a meeting with you, during which our goal is to get to know your company.

We always want to go straight into your “home”. We need to see what your offices look like and get a feel of the atmosphere in the place and the mood of the people. We want to get to know the area and experience first-hand how a candidate would commute to work.

Once we’ve heard how you market your business and present yourselves, we’ll ask a few questions:

  • how you’ve been finding candidates until now and how (and if) you’re still looking,
  • who exactly you’re looking for,
  • whether you’ve done the best in your search using the tools available to you,
  • and what, if any, your experience with a recruitment agency looks like.

We’d appreciate if you could take us on a tour of the company. We’d like to see more than just the reception and the meeting room.

During the meeting, we will explain how we work and introduce you to the conditions of possible cooperation*.

Partnership is mutual, so just as the client chooses their supplier, we choose our client.

*terms of cooperation:

  • Permanent placement, where we agree on a rate x times the candidate’s starting salary. We invoice on the day when the candidate starts with a guarantee that if they leave within a certain period of time, we will refund you a graduated amount.
  • In the case of contracting, i.e. classic bodyshopping, we only invoice for the actual days worked by the candidate (man-days), based on monthly statements of work. The candidate has a contract with us.

Handing over the position

Just the description of the position is not enough. We need more. Our consultant who will work on it will receive the position and all necessary information from the hiring manager or HR.

We understand that hiring managers are busy, and talking to the agency is their lowest priority, but believe when we say that it is the perception of the role from the prospective boss that is key to the hiring process.

Search for candidates

Once we’ve “hunted down” a suitable candidate, we’ll send you their CV or LinkedIn profile and report of our interview with them. In this report, you will find information you wouldn’t find in the CV. So please read through it carefully.

In the report, you will find:

  • information about the candidate’s experience,
  • what in their profile corresponds with what you’re looking for,
  • why we think they are a good fit for you,
  • basic information about the candidate’s availability and their financial expectations.

Once you have received all the candidate’s documents, please respond to us as soon as possible. For IT positions, speed plays a major role.

  • Would you like to invite the candidate for an interview? You can contact them directly or send us suggestions for dates, and we will handle everything for you.
  • Don’t like the candidate? Please provide us with detailed feedback. It’s important to us because it gives us a clearer picture of which candidates to send but also which not.


You have selected the candidate you’d like to add to your team and now you are preparing an offer for them.

It’s normal for candidates to be uncomfortable with the terms and conditions of the cooperation that are stated in the offer, and rather than engage in discussions, they prefer to reject the offer altogether.

To prevent this from happening, our consultant is ready to step in again. At this point, they act as a mediator. They are in it with the candidate from the beginning and they know what are the candidate’s blockers and potential concerns. Therefore, they are the most appropriate person to try to achieve a win-win outcome.

The candidate is joining the team

There may be several months between acceptance of the offer and day D (for example, due to the candidate’s notice period). During this time, you will need to take care of the candidate and be prepared for any counterattacks from other companies trying to recruit the candidate.

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you at it alone. We’ll be taking care of the candidate alongside you. Even during the trial period, we are still in contact with you and the candidate. We want to make sure everything is still going as it should and that both parties are satisfied.

As you can see from the article, communication is a really important part of the cooperation. That applies to both sides – ours and yours. It is truly an unpleasant situation for us when you as a company go silent, and we have no information. We will always be candid with you. We ask you to do the same.

Respect the time and work we put into finding candidates. If you decide to close the position or fill it internally, we won’t hold it against you, but let us know as soon as possible. We’re working on it until the very last minute.

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