Ivča / Ivana Maříková

Meet Ivča

  • She’d like to have Scarlet Witch’s superpower (controlling reality).
  • She has a dog named Addie. She takes her almost everywhere with her. They already know her at the post office. Addie, not Ivča.
  • She started doing jigsaw puzzles this year, and she does them very often.
  • She can’t water her flowers at home even with a notification on her phone.
  • She cares a lot about the difference between a dash and a hyphen. 
  • She’s a master of diplomacy.
  • She’s also a master of reading books fast.
  • Her great love is collecting funko pop.
  • None of us know another person who has as many various allergies. 
  • Ivča can put her leg behind her neck while sitting up straight.
  • She bursts into giggles when someone uses idioms.
  • She has her own podcast.

How did she start her career in marketing

Ivča has always wanted to do a job where she could be creative, especially with words. At first, she wanted to step into the world of PR, so after high school she went to study media studies in university. However, she had to find a full-time job to finish school, and after wandering on the job market for a while, she got hired as a junior marketer at a company for employee benefits. This line of work then caught her fancy, and she happily stayed there.

What she thinks is hard about being a marketing specialist

Probably the analytic part because she’s not friendly with numbers at all. It’s also sometimes very challenging to convince the few heads above the marketer that some marketing tasks are really more important than others.

What makes Ivča happy in her current job 


What would Ivča like to learn

She’d like to learn how to play the violin. She went so far in this intention as to look at potential teachers. She would also like to learn how to sew and knit.

What even we didn’t about Ivča 

She has a problem describing the plot of books in Czech because she reads only in English. She also writes her own books. She’s going to publish her first novel in 2024. It’s going to be a romantic fantasy about a young lady who finds herself out of work, and out of desperation takes a job that no one will last long in – assistant to a not-so-nice warlock.

What her colleagues say about her


Ivča, our book magician and puzzle expert. She is not only an avid reader, but also a devoted mom to her dog, Addie. When she’s not lost in the book world, she braves the outdoors with our team, where she heroically faces the challenges of nature despite all her allergies, and creates stories of our adventures together.”

Denisa Čuprová“Ivča is the most willing person I know. I have the feeling that helping someone makes her happier than putting together a jigsaw puzzle. 🙂 Puzzles, playing Nintendo and reading books are her biggest hobbies. That means she likes to spend time at home. But lately, she’s been getting out and about more. And she’s good at it. She even seems to enjoy it. In conversations, she can adapt to any topic, so soon you’ll know that you can talk to Ivča about anything. I personally like people who can make fun of themselves, have irony and a bit of sarcasm. And that’s exactly Ivča – my blood type. And what I truly appreciate is that she throws herself into various outdoor activities with us (like a walk in nature), even though it puts her life in danger.”

Speed dating

favourite food

  • that someone else cooks for me, and one in which there’s nothing that would kill me

favourite colour

  • black

favourite person

  • Rachel (her best friend from England)

favourite movie or TV show 

  • WandaVision (anything from Marvel, but especially when it has Wanda)
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
  • The Office

favourite book

  • her favourite book changes every week, so in week number 53 of 2023 it’s Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross, which is about war correspondents sending letters to each other through magical typewriters

favourite activity

  • reading books

favourite country or city or part of a city (and why) 

  • the gardens around the Břevnov Monastery during the summer around five or six a.m. with her dog, when there are only wild rabbits around

what Harry Potter character would you be

  • Luna Lovegood 

least favourite food

  • one that will kill me (I have allergies)
  • broccolli
  • fish

what three things upset you the most

  • ASMR sounds
  • chewing loudly and loud biting of an apple
  • a large number of people in a small space

Take a look at Ivča’s LinkedIn profile here.

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